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Endurance, drilling speed and air consumption are critical parameters for DTH-Hammers. In co-operation with MAXA ROCKDRILLS Ltd., Tri-Mach provides Clients an excellent DTH-hammer that has a heavy piston, low air consumption and has a long lifetime. Our Clients still have hammers that have been in use for more than 10 years, and still going strong.

Additional Information:

Our DTH-Hammers range from 3″ to 48″.

DTH-Hammers available with following specifications:



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does DTH mean?
    • DTH is an abbreviation of Down-The-Hole. This means the hammer is located at the bottom of the drill pipes.
  • What is a DTH-hammer?
    • DTH-hammer is a pneumatically operated hammer, designed to function at the bottom of the drill pipes. In other words, directly on top of the drill bit.
    • The percussive energy is effectively transferred into drilled rock, due to the fact that the energy is created at the bottom of the drill pipes. Compared to Top Hammer-system, the energy is not lost in the drill pipes.
  • Factors that affect the performance of the DTH-Hammer?
    • Weight of the piston
    • Hammer bore and stroke length
    • Total weight of the hammer
    • Air consumption (often measured for example in m3/min)
    • All factors above naturally also affect the total cost-effectiveness, fuel consumption and production rates of the DTH-drilling process.
  • How do I choose the right DTH-Hammer for my drilling project?
    • The question is not straight forward. Choosing the right DTH-Hammer depends on for example:
    • Casing / borehole diameter
    • Casing / rock hole total length
    • Amount of casings / rock holes to be drilled
    • Rock parameters
    • Geotechnical conditions of soil formations at site
    • Driller preferences
    • Applied other equipment, such as DTH-Pilot Bits, DTH-Drill Pipes, DTH-Piling Rig, Compressors
  • Can I drill hard rock with the DTH-Hammer?
    • Yes. DTH-drilling is designed to work in the hardest rock formations in the world. It is the only effective method for extremely hard conditions.
  • Is it possible to drill through boulders with DTH?
    • Yes. DTH drilling is commonly used for drilling through boulders and hard rock.
  • Is the DTH-Hammer drilling fast?
    • Yes. DTH-Hammer drilling is one of the fastest methods to drill hard rock. It is multiple times faster than some of the conventional methods.
  • How do I know the correct shank for the DTH-Hammer?
    • Shank basically means the connection between the Pilot/Rock Bit & DTH-Hammer
    • Shank varies in diameter, height and amount & shape of the shank splines. We can easily figure this out from photos and a couple measurements.
    • DTH-Hammer has to have the same exact shank as the pilot bit, in order to function.

We have plenty of experience in choosing the right DTH-Hammer for different projects. Don’t hesitate to contact and ask for more!

Looking for maximum endurance and drilling speed in your DTH-Hammer?