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Project References

Below is a list of some of the projects we’ve been involved in recent years using Tri-Mach Drilling Tools. Please ask more for specific references!


DTH-Piling Projects:

  • Tripla Mall, Helsinki
    • 175 pcs RD1220, pile lengths up to 20m
  • Kalasatama REDI, Helsinki
    • 550 pcs RD610 RD-Pile Wall, pile lengths up to 20m
  • Vekarasalmi Bridge, Sulkava
    • 30 pcs RD1220, inclined piles, up to 40m/pile
  • LETKE-Project, Lahti
    • RD813 bridge piles, up to 40m/pile
    • Inclined piles
  • FLASH-project, Imatra
    • RD323, pile lengths up to 60m/pile
  • Laitaatsalmi Bridge, Savonlinna
    • RD508 Pile Wall, 140 pcs + RD610, 20pcs
  • Piteå Hamn, Piteå, Sweden
    • 100pcs RD406 & RD508, up to 30m/pile
  • Storstein, Norway
    • RD610 & RD813, max. bedrock drilling 13m / pile

These are just some of the projects we’ve been involved in the past years. Please ask for more specific references directly!



Difficult soil conditions – need the toughest drilling tools available?