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RD-piles are designed for the toughest conditions in order to penetrate hard rock. This means, that the drill bits have to be top-notch as well.

Designed and manufactured by drillers, we know what it takes to produce the best drill bits available.

Product Range:

  • Single Piles:
    • 168mm – 1524mm
  • RD-Pile Wall
    • 273mm – 1220mm

Specialized pile diameters available upon request (for example 1400mm).

Our products include pilot bits, ring bits, casing shoes and ring bit sets in all diameters. Our patented Radial Flush-system does not disturb surrounding soil and has excellent pilot bit durability. This means more drilling meters per pilot bit compared to conventional ones.

Tri-Mach provides clients extensive site consultation. We are committed into lifting your production rates to the next level.



Do you want to increase your DTH-drilling production rates?