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Drilling Consultation

DTH-Piling made easy.

As previous DTH-piling contractors, we know how to set up a DTH-piling worksite. Do not hesitate to ask us – we are here to help You.

Through our partners and own production we can supply Clients with complete drilling tool systems. As DTH-drillers ourselves, we recommend only products that we have found to be effective.

From Drillers – For Drillers.


For DTH-Piling projects we can assist for example in:

  • Geotechnical solutions
  • Pilot bits, ring bits
  • DTH-Hammers
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Drill Strings
  • Drilling rig modifications
  • Compressors
  • Auxiliary machinery

Don’t hesitate to ask – we know how to set up a DTH-piling worksite.


Looking for the best possible production for Your DTH-Piling project?

We have the solutions.